Basic Diver

Try Scuba Diving is a SSI initiation course and dive. It’s for those of you who have never experienced the wonders of scuba diving before.

You will get to spend half a day with us and be taught everything you need to know, as a novice, about diving. Everything from what equipment you need and how to use it, how you’ll probably feel underwater to how to behave underwater. You’ll learn a few things about the principles of scuba diving as well.

You’ll also get to experience your very first dive. It’s safe, we promise!

This activity includes shallow exercices and a boat dive at 7m.

You will also receive a Basic Diver certificate. If you want to become an Open Water Diver within the first six months, the certificate will be taken into account as one of the necessary dives.

Come discover the world of Scuba Diving and the hidden treasures of The Sea.

Next Step : The OdySea Open Water Diver Course


- Diving Equipment

- Diving Insurance

- Photos!


- Being 10 years old minimum