Local Dive

Local Dive is your chance to scuba dive in the mysterious waters of Tarragona, around the Port of Torredembarra, where our international SSI scuba diving center and school is found.

To take part in this activity you need to have your open water diver licence (or equivalent).

Local dives take place three times a day from 9:30, 12:30 and 16:00, so pick the best time for you.

We have many different local diving sites, around 15 of them, depending on your level of diving experience.

The region of Tarragona, and marine life around Torredembarra will surely leave you breathless with the amazingly active and wild flora and fauna. There’s a reason we set up shop here.

Come dive with us and find out what all that fuss about the waters of Torredembarra and the province of Tarragona is about.


- Scuba Dive Weights

- Scuba Tank

- Dive Boat