Stress and Rescue Course

The Stress and Rescue course is the perfect step up for any experienced Open Water Diver, and a requirement for anyone looking to become a Dive Pro.

Stress has been proven time and time again to be one of the leading causes of diving accidents around the world, therefore knowing how to recognise it before, during and after the dive, is essential to effectively avoid or prevent these problems from occuring. This course will provide you with the necessary tools to detect and respond to these factors, as well as expand upon the skills and procedures that are required for any successful rescue operation and subsequent first aid treatment. 

This course is designed to train you for emergency situations, and therefore demands a certain level of dedication and attention on your behalf. Because of this, you will find great personal improvement, and we will constantly push your diving skills as you will be expected to not only be able to control yourself underwater, but also be able to control somebody else at the same time. 


- Stress & Rescue course

- React Right (CPR, O2) course


- Advanced Open Water