Divemaster 595€

Want to turn you passion into a career? The first step is to become a Divemaster!

In the course you will learn both the leadership and diving skills required to become a dive leader, combined with a strong theoretical background.

The Divemaster program consists of two modules:

- The Dive Guide, where you will learn how to organize underwater expeditions.

- The Science of Diving speciality where you will learn all the theoretical concepts related to recreational diving.

By combining the Dive Guide course with the Science of Diving speciality you'll become a Divemaster. This will allow you to guide divers all over the world and assist instructors with their training.

Get a chance to travel while working and get started on your new career!

  • Duration: 7 days
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Assistant Instructor 595€

Take the lead, start teaching students and initate new divers, become a Assistant Instructor!

The Dive Control Specialist course focuses on the diving skills required to introduce new students to diving as well as the pedagogical formation required to teach efficiently.

During the intensive course you will learn:

- How to teach Open Water Diver skills in the pool

- How to teach the theory for the Open Water Diver program

- How to perform the Try Scuba program

- How to give the Scuba Skills Update class

You'll become a fully equipped assistant instructor ready to start working and will also be able to teach some of the SSI specialities both in and out of the water and will be ready to attent the next instructor seminar!

Courses start every week, with possibilities of an internship program. Contact us to discuss your future!

  • Duration: 7 days
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Open Water Instructor 995€

Become a dive leader with your Open Water Instructor license. Share you diving passion with the world, meet new people and travel the world living your passion.

The Instructor Training Course (ITC) is a 10 day course, theoretical preparation is required from all students prior to the course.

- 7 days intensive pool, sea and presention work

- 3 days examination (scheduled after the course)

In the course you will learn how to perform all of the Open Water coursework and work with students. You will also learn how to teach the Stress and Rescue, Perfect Buoyancy and optionally the React Right speciality.

The requirement to access the course is to have the SSI Dive Master (DM) license or and equivalent from another agency.

Contact us to inquire about the next availability. It includes all the instructor material, sea and pool work but not the examination fee (contracted directly with SSI).

Contact us for more information and to reserve your spot!

  • Duration: 7 days
  • more info

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